Monday, January 11, 2016

New Ka will dock for smartphone and emergency assistance !!

Ford held last week in the town of Trancoso, Bahia, a press release of the vehicles Ford Ka and Ford Ka +. The new automaker’s cars arrive in stores in September and brings several new features with regard to connectivity.
The SYNC system Media System brings radio, CD and MP3 Player with Bluetooth and telephone and audio controls on the steering wheel for voice (feature unprecedented in the category), in addition to SMS reader and automatically download the phonebook.
The model also has a microphone in the ceiling, for better audio quality in conversation, and you can pair up to 10 smartphones per vehicle. The SYNC system is sold as optional in the SE version and as series item on SEL version.
♦ Emergency assistance
The SYNC system in the new Ford Ka is also the first of its kind to rely on Emergency Assistance. The functionality allows the system to make an automatic call to the emergency Mobile Service (SAMU), through the phone 192, in the event of an accident with airbags or ‘ drive with fuel cut.
The connection is made through a cell phone paired with the SYNC and transmits an automated message, reporting the occurrence of an accident and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the vehicle, using an integrated antenna for GPS signal. Then the line is open so that the clerk can talk to the occupants or send directly help unable to reply.
In addition to being available throughout the life of the vehicle, the service does not involve any charging rate. Ford’s partnership with the Ministry of health was developed to spread the technology among all the attendants of the SAMU.
♦ Dock for mobile
Another smart solution offered in the new Ka and the new Ka + input versions, is the MyFord Dock. The compartment installed in the center pane has a plug-in for fixing of cellular or GPS, leaving the appliance integrated and accessible without affecting the visibility of the runway. Its adjustable lid lets you accommodate different brands appliances safely and screen sizes.
Using the Bluetooth radio connection MyConnection Gen. 3, which also comes from the version series IF, you can use the streaming audio. The device also features USB and auxiliary input, which allows the loading of the cell. One of the advantages of this system is to be an Adaptive platform, which allows you to track the constant updating of the devices and smartphones.
♦ Compatibility with Android and iOS apps
The New Ka is also the first in Brazil to rely on SYNC AppLink, technology that allows cellular compatible applications access through voice commands, opening up a range of new opportunities for service and entertainment on board safely.
It is compatible with the Android and iOS systems and can operate with several applications downloaded by Google Play and App Store. With the smartphone screen locked, all commands can be done by voice command or by buttons on the Panel.
Among others, are now available for the following applications: Glympse, and sharing location; Tunein, with more than 100 thousand online radio in the world; Napster, with over 20 thousand songs available; 89 FM radio; Alpha FM Radio; and let’s Park, parking location.

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