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How to type in Malayalam in whatsapp !!!

How to type in Malayalam  in whatsapp on Android smartphone  using Swiftkey keyboard

 What makes Swiftkey Keyboard, the best keyboard for andorid, are the following.

  • it remembers and suggests words based on your typing. You can see the suggestions from the images given below. It predicts words in all languages including Malayalam & Hindi.
  • You can add an additional  row for numbers on top of the keyboard which is also handy.
  • Free, no ads
  • works with Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop android OS
  • Several themes available, but I like black theme
  • fast startup
Lets see how we can type in Malayalam in android smart phone.
Step 1: Download and install the free android keyboard for android

Step 2: Go to’Settings’>>’Language & Input’>> Select ‘Swiftkey keyboard’
Step 3. Select the ‘Settings’ icon on the right side of ‘Swiftkey keyboard’. Select ‘Languages’. Find and select ‘Malayalam’ from ‘Available languages’. Malayalam font will be downloaded and saved to your phone.
Step 4: To select Malayalam keyboard, press on the input box, your default keyboard will be displayed. If your currently displayed keyboard is not Swiftkey keyboard, drag down the notification bar, select ‘Select input method’ and select Swiftkey Keyboard. You can see English (UK) in your space bar. long press on the space bar and you can see one more row above showing other language keyboards installed. Alternatively, you can drag the spacebar to the right/ left and select Malayalam. Now your keyboard is ready.
Step 5: Now lets type in Malayalam. The letters are available in two rows in each key; one on top of another. To take the letter/alphabet on top of a key, long press the key. When you start typing the keyboard will display guesses on top of the keyboard. Just select them and you can save lot of typing time.
To type koottaksharangal and characters with symbols, please refer the following table. koottaksharam1
For eg: To type enthokkeyundu visheshangal, you have to type as follows.
malayalam typing android
Malayalam swiftkey (1) Malayalam swiftkey (2)Malayalam swiftkey (3)
Malayalam swiftkey (4)


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