Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Find your lost Android Phone without using any Application !!

Losing your phone is a very bad thing that can happen. You may save your very sensitive information's  inside your phone. If your phone gets into wrong hands , lots of troubles can happen. How can we avoid that? There are so many apps which can provide you remotely access to your phone. But if you haven’t install any applications like that what will you do? Don’t worry, in android devices there are some built in ways to access your lost / theft phone.

You can locate,wipe,ring,lock your phone remotely.
  1. Sign in to Android Device Manager  with your google account.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Select your phone.

Now you can manage your android devices from anywhere. You can ring your phone ,Lock your phone , Erase the data inside the phone , And get current or last available location of the phone. But there are some  requirements for this

The requirements needed for access your phone remotely are.
  • Your phone must be connected with Internet.
  • Your must set up your google account with your device.
  • Your gps access should be turned on.
  • Android Device Manager must be turned on (by default it is turned on).

How to turn on Andorid Device Manager in your phone?
  1. Go to  google settings app > security > Android Device Manager
  2. Turn on Remotely locate this device
  3. Turn on Allow remote lock and erase

Ringing your phone Remotely

In the home page of Android Device Manager site you can view your phones. There will be an option "Ring". Select this option and your phone will ring continuously in maximum volume for 5 minute 
Locking your phone Remotely
You can replace your current Lock Screen with a new Password lock screen. To enable this security  feature click "lock" option near "Ring" option. You can  set new password ,a recovery message and a phone number with this lock.

Erasing all data Remotely 
There is an option "Erase" with the other options. Select this option and confirm Erase all of your data will erase from your phone. If your phone is offline while you select this option, the data will erase as soon as the phone goes online.  

Locating your phone
There is a button with gps icon. select this option and you can see the current or last active location on the map.

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