Sunday, February 21, 2016

Drunk women on National Highway Roads | Chandigarh To Delhi - India

For over three hours on Tuesday night, Delhi Police had a tough time handling a drunk woman, who hit several bikers with her Mercedes in Connaught Place.

The incident took place near gate number six of Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. A video shows the woman arguing with some men and threatening them of severe consequences of 'she calls her father'.
"Get lost...once I call my will be in trouble. What's your name? What's your name a*****e?" the woman is seen asking one of the men. She even tries to grab hold of the man's collar.

The drama continued for some time before police arrived on the spot and took the woman away.

According to ABP News, the woman was accompanied by man. They first manhandled the bikers and later also misbehaved with the cops.
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