Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Video Reverse Editor App For iPhone & Android !!

Reverse Cam Video Editor – 

Record your life moments and make them play reverse to add some fun. You never imagine walking, drinking, jumping, playing or just doing routine work in reverse manner is how entertaining.

A few ideas of video reverse:

Tear a sheet of paper, throwing a ball, drinking juice, jumping or sliding, juggling object, or any other idea that lots more crazy in from of camera.

Reverse Cam Video Maker let’s you create a reverse video that looks magical. Just capture new video or select existing one from your gallery to make them play reverse. You can adjust speed of video from normal to slower or faster; to be more creative you can select few frames of your long videos to play exact moment in reverse manner. Your kids will love it and It’s Fun for complete family!

Reverse Cam Video Maker app features:
- Shoot or select videos from gallery to apply reverse play
- Adjust frames for your long videos to play few frames only if required.
- Apply video speed as Normal, Slower or Faster to make it funnier.
- In built video player to easily get preview of your created video.
- “My Reverse Video” stores all your reverse video creations.
- It’s without watermark so, enjoy each moments in reverse, It’s Fun!
- Share reverse videos with others on social media sites or save them to gallery.

  watch video

Creating reverse movie is real fun for anyone and Reverse Cam Video Editor is best reverse video maker app like never before! This is the simplest app to make a backwards high quality videos. Try it now for FREE and amuse your friends and colleagues!!!



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