Monday, January 11, 2016

Gallery Doctor – photo Cleaner

Gallery Doctor-photo  Cleaner is an application that functions do a cleanup in your smartphone and freeing storage space.However, the object of the cleaners are not temporary files, but the photographs are stored in the device.So, you can view images that are with low quality or repeated and do an analysis of what should remain on the device. The program has a working system guided and very similar to the traditional cleaners, however, he specialists  in the operation only with images.

Organizing files

To open the application for the first time, you are driven by a small tutorial that aims to explain its functioning; then the initial analysis is performed. On the main screen of the app, are shown the percentage of photographs present in your gallery are in some kind of trouble, in addition to the total photos found.
There is also an indication of the problems and the button to start the process of reviewing and cleaning. Once activated, a new screen is displayed, showing the bad photos and the like, as well as all files that require review. So, all you have to do is use the appropriate alternatives and follow the steps to complete the cleanup.
Above you gave a full description on the Gallery Doctor-Phone Cleaner and its functionalities, know now what we think of Gallery Doctor-Phone Cleaner is a cleaning program and organization. However, instead of promoting the General removal of files, it is destined to get your photos. You will be able to analyze all the images present in the appliance and easily identify those that have low quality or that are repeated.
The analysis of the program is made quickly, and the identification of items is performed automatically, including separating the results in bad items and repeated for ease in time to do the managing. With respect to the interface, besides being very pretty, the screen also has a good organization of their functions, all of which are arranged in the form of button.
Something that we missed during our tests was a button for you to update the information seen on the screen manually.

Simple and fast operation

To make corrections, you should initially use the General knob to the procedure, but don’t worry, because the process does not exclude all automatically and direct. Thus, in each section you can view all the images identified and mark them to be removed, or remove the markup for those that want to save.
All operations are performed in a few moments, even when you have many images on your smartphone. Still, that feature may be a little variation depending on your device. Finishing a cleaning, you can return to the home screen and all data will be updated as the results of the process.
The program already comes completely ready for use, but still, it has some settings that can be adjusted in order to adapt it to your needs. The application is very light and its operation will not leave your smartphone extremely slow or crashes.

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