Monday, January 11, 2016

How to create a bootable pendrive on Windows !!!

Hello guys. This post is for guys who are new to installing an OS using a USB drive. It's simple. Just follow the step  below.

Bootable Pendrive :
A pen drive which we can use to boot an operating system. Live USB means, you don't even have to install the OS to use, you can directly plug it and use the OS normally.

Things needed:
  1. USB drive :  We need a pendrive to make it bootable and install an OS using that pendrive. If you're going to install a linux based operating system minimum size of pendrive must be 2GB, 4 GB is better to use. If you are going to install a windows operating system using pen drive, then its better to use 8GB pendrive.
  2. ISO image : This is the ISO image you download from the internet for installing the OS. Look in the internet, linux based operating system are free to download.
  3. Software : We need a software which makes the normal pendrive into a bootable pendrive. There are many softwares , but i mostly use RUFUS and its free to download. Its 600 kb only.
Rufus :  click here to download.

Process :
  1. Insert the pendrive.
  2. Run the software as Admin.
  3. Make sure you have set the correct settings.
  4. Select ISO from the list.
  5. Choose the ISO which you want to open.
  6. Click start. Within few minutes, the process would be completed.
  7. Now you are ready to boot from pendrive.
Happy Booting !! enjoy !!!

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