Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Honda Walking Assistant: A new hope for people who can't walk !!!!

We have crutches for support in walking if we have a broken leg or it is helpful using for people who have lost their legs. But using crutches is somehow a bad experience for people who have got a sudden change in their way of life. But how could we became satisfied when are not able to do a normal walk. If somebody hold us on for some moment and go for a walk that is an enjoyable one for us. God is able to do such things on us if we are willing to give Him, our life every day.

We are talking about a technology which assist us in walking. Yea, you can walk as normal as you can even if you are not able to do so. Honda the leading automotive manufacturer developed a new device which helps people who are not able to walk. It can be attached to your legs and it have the ability to control your motions as you go on and it will do a normal walk for you. There are many other walking assistant devices are available now a days and this is the new breed in this area. It helps people to climb stairs and walk through slope surfaces. They have been developing this device since 1999 and have more advanced features than others. This device can learn your walking style while you are walking and can make decisions on the go by lifting your legs and extending forward. There are also some drawbacks are there which it have a less battery power which last only for a few hours and you cannot walk using this while raining or on the wet floors. Now they are leasing 50 pairs of such devices out to hospitals in Japan for providing assist to disabled people. By this, they are trying to improve the quality of these devices by providing this to common people and by taking feedback from them. The Honda Walking Assistant have some of the intelligence of the ASIMO robot which was created by Honda where they implemented the limb movements as that of ASIMO to Walking Assistant. They are studying about the walking styles of human since ASIMO and they implemented some technologies to Walking Assistant also.

We hope that this innovation will makes a huge difference in the prosthetics development. There are many developers out there now who develops such type of exoskeletons for soldiers as a supporting device for their legs while in the war fields (Known as Hulk developed by Lockheed Martin).


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