Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Lakshmi Rai lost 15 kgs in 2 months ! Lakshmi Rai weight loss secret !

Lakshmi Rai the stunning actress thinks that it only takes 21 days someone to become slim and healthy, the actress proudly announced that her directors could not recognized her after the weight loss.

Lakshmi Rai say's about her weight loss secret

I wake up in the morning and workout for 1 hour 15 mins. The workout session is combined with a therapy, which aids blood circulation. Every alternate day I go for the therapy, as it helps to detox my body. One session of therapy is equal to one session of intense workout.
After the workout, I have a light breakfast; I know my body type, so I don't have a heavy breakfast but opt for a heavy lunch by 1.30 pm.Till evening, I do not have anything. If I feel hungry, I will have a fruit. A fruit is better than a glass of fruit juice.My dinner is before 8 pm. I carry a bottle of water wherever I go.I have included a cheat day once a week in my diet plan. Cheat day means you can have more food or can eat out. But once you are used to your diet pattern, you don't feel like cheating.I carry my food to the sets too. I carry the required vegetables, cereals and get it cooked there, so that I don't end up eating junk food.

watch Lakshmi Rai Workout Fitness Video

Lakshmi Rai  Workout Video and Photos has become sensational recently. In February 2016 a video clip of South Indian Actress doing exercise at her gym was viral allover the internet. Raai Laxmi video is interesting and so it is shared and downloaded by all people who hear about this news. Was this video leaked or just released by the actress Rai Laxmi doing work out in her gym and she is doing boxing hits.

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